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In 2016 Peterborough ‘won’ the online Homophobia capital of England award in a national newspaper.  We also were voted as the ‘worst places to live’ in an annual report.  This is not acceptable and our mission is to make Peterborough a nicer, safer more inclusive place to live for ALL its residents.

Inclusive Peterborough Stats.

Pride Parades

Our Goals: Inclusion, Safety & Community

How do we plan on doing this?

  • Being Visible – We are Here, We are Queer, Get used to it!
  • Being Community – We are stronger together.
  • Being Loud – Calling out injustice and hate.
  • Queering the Norm – In a world where to be “normal” means to be … not Gay, we aim to be seen, to show up and to be ourselves. Redefining the expectation of what is “normal” to include everyone.

Perhaps the LGBTQ+ community is only so loud, out, and proud because equality hasn’t been reached yet and there is immediate value in raising our collective voices. There are still countries where it is illegal and/or heavily punishable to be openly LGBTQ+; there is still much work to be done in terms of rights and protections for transgender individuals, non-binary folk, and others. 

What is the main objective?

But the main point of the group is just to Have Fun – to celebrate our culture and  lives and art, to have a coffee with likeminded individuals, to share our lives and make friends and just be ourselves.

How are we doing?

The reign of Peterborough as England’s worst place to live is over. After 3 glorious years of taking the crown, Cambridgeshire’s premier cr4p town has slipped to No.5!