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Let's Stand Together for LGBT+ Rights

This page will promote any current campaigns, petitions and protests.


Homophobic Comedian coming to Peterborough

Sign the Petition about the comedian coming to Yaxley.
In a Twitter post from 2018, he congratulated the Nigerian government for passing the Same-sex prohibition act which punishes same-sex behaviour with 14 years. In the clip, he incited his audience to attack any gay people….
We have written to the Royal British Legion and await a response.
This is an advert for the local event.
Not IN My City!!!

STOP Homophobic AY Comedian LIVE UK Tour 2022

STOP Homophobic AY Comedian LIVE UK Tour 2022

Not In My City!

Stand with LGBTQ+ people in Qatar – Proud Stadium

The 2022 Men’s Football World Cup is being held in Qatar – a country where it’s not legal or safe to be a lesbian, gay, bi, trans or queer (LGBTQ+) person, whether you are from Qatar or visiting to cheer on your national team. 

All LGBTQ+ people deserve to live their lives to the full, to travel freely without fear, and to be part of global sporting events like the World Cup. If you agree, add your name and join our Proud Stadium: 

Click the link to go to the Stonewall page where you can add your name to join Proud Stadium

Proud Stadium

Proud Stadium

This World Cup season, let’s fill a virtual stadium with pride for LGBTQ+ people in Qatar.

Ban Conversion Therapy
LGBTQ+ people have nothing to be ashamed of and there is nothing wrong or broken about who we are. Our sexual orientations and gender identities are diverse and should be celebrated. Yet conversion practices are still legal and still happening in the UK today.

According to the UK Government’s own research, 7% of LGBT people have been offered or undergone conversion therapy. People are targeted in medical, psychiatric, psychological, religious and cultural settings. These are places everyone should feel safe.

Email your MP and ask them to commit to passing a full and comprehensive ban on conversion practices that leaves no one behind.

Ban Conversion Therapy

Ban Conversion Therapy