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Inclusive Peterborough, is a social group working with and for the LGBTQIA+ community and their family and friends in Peterborough, UK and the surrounding areas.

It is run entirely by volunteers and what we do is determined by what our members want. Below are some of the things our volunteers have done – if you see something you want to help with – let us know.  If want to help or run something new – let us know.

Come join us in celebrating LGBTQ life, culture, and community. Each of us deserves to love who we want to love. Love is the power that unites us.

Organising an Event for Group Members could include the following steps.

  • Decide what to do 
  • Create Event on Facebook
  • Create Event on Website
  • Make a poster?
  • Speak to venues about group discounts?
  • Book venue?
  • Organise advanced payments?
  • Book Tickets?
    • Cinema/Theatre Trips
    • Pub/Games Nights
    • Coffee/Breakfast Morning
    • Meals Out
    • Clubbing Trip
    • Christmas Event
    • Sports/Keep Fit
    • Days Out (Seaside, CityTrip) 
    • Your Event Here!

Want to do something? Want some friends to join you? 

  • Suggest an event for one of the organisers to create or help you to organise.
  • OR simply put a message in the Facebook group telling people what you want to do and ask if anyone wants to join you.

Most events have a ‘Host’. A host’s duties include:-

  • Attend the Event
  • Looking out for new members and making them feel welcome.
  • Make sure payments are made.
  • Sort out any problems.
  • Help with any set-up or set-down.
  • Make sure any equipment needed is available.

If you have skills in fundraising or grant applications or just have a stash of unwanted gifts in your re-gifting drawer you want to donate to the next raffle or prize game at Embrace – Let us know!

Help us get the word out!

  • Web design or updates
  • Logo & Graphics design
  • Social Media Updates
  • Printing
  • Handing out flyers
  • Putting up posters

Come and help us at Peterborough Pride.

  • Set-up site
  • Help on a stall advertising the group
  • Help with Stewarding
  • Litter Picking
  • Make a playlist
  • Make noise on parade with a speaker / drum / whistle.
  • Sourcing equipment.
  • Set-Down site.
  • Offer specialist skill – first-aider / sound engineer / entertainment act

A donation is a great way to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Your contribution will help create significant changes and progress in our community.

Note: PayPal charges us 45p on a £5 donation