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Not in my city!

Inclusive Peterborough again had placards at the ready as homophobic comedian A Y arrived in Yaxley for their gig at the Royal British Legion Hall.  

A Y comedian was known to tell people being Gay was wrong and stating people should stop as it was against God.

Recently a petition was begun in the UK to stop the tour going ahead.

We arrived at the RBL in order to raise awareness that someone who was known to spread homophobic messages during shows was performing.  

We held placards and held a peaceful protest, talking to the local passers by about why we were there.  We also spoke to RBL members.

Peoples general reaction was one of shock that the event had been allowed to take place in their village. 

RBL committee members were only alerted after the hall was hired to the issue.  Although they had held an emergency meeting the performance went ahead.  

Inclusive Peterborough’s aim was to draw attention to the homopobia and I wish to thank all who attended.