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Following the success of camp horror flick M3GAN, Saturday Night Live pitched their own idea for a sequel – and it’s “even more gay” than the original.

With the iconic Aubrey Plaza on hosting duties for the latest instalment of the equally iconic comedy sketch programme over the weekend (21 January), audiences got their first glimpse for a proposal for M3GAN 2.0, featuring Plaza as the murderous android.

The hilarious skit gives a brief overview of how the film rose to become a box office powerhouse propelled by “one demographic above all”, before Aubrey Plaza makes her entrance as M3GAN in a gay club.

“Hi, I’m M3GAN, I’m your best friend, you dumb b***h,” she quips.

The sketch also features the film’s very own Allison Williams, who plays the killer doll’s creator-turned-victim.

Introducing M3GAN 2.0

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) January 22, 2023

The sketch features spoof reviews, such as: “Strap in hunty, Annabelle, could never”, “M3GAN slays, literally”, and, rather hilariously: “It’s like Bros, but for gays.”

This last ‘review’ is being highlighted as a standout line, especially considering that Bowen Yang – an SNL cast member also in the M3GAN 2.0 ‘trailer’ – starred in the LGBTQ+ romcom Bros.

Sorry but Bowen Yang being in this SNL sketch that says “M3GAN is like BROS, but for gays” — BROS, a film he was literally in??? High camp

— Meech (@MediumSizeMeech) January 22, 2023

Further beats in the video show M3GAN’s stomach swinging open to reveal a fridge stocked with poppers, as well as Yang informing Plaza’s psychotic doll that she “can say [homo]”.

There’s also this absolute gem:

“If there’s one thing gay men love, it’s unhinged, plastic women.”

aubrey plaza giving out poppers while dressed as M3GAN?? icon behavior right there

— Seddera Side (@sedderaside) January 22, 2023

This might be the first snl skit I’ve laughed at in a very long time

— Dr.Leah smith (@Leahsmi87181509) January 22, 2023

this M3GAN skit on SNL

— andrewwww (@andrewpiercey) January 22, 2023

The M3GAN sketch is somehow made even gayer by the arrival of Girls star, Allison Williams, who attempts to warn the assembled gays of the robot’s murderous intentions.

After being dissuaded and invited to join the party, Williams asks: “Really? Even though I’m straight?”

The reply to which is Bowen Yang screaming: “Mama, if you’re getting your ass ate on TV, you’re an ally, sis!”

Can’t say fairer than that.

aubrey plaza as M3GAN at a gay club doing poppers on snl… it’s like i wrote it myself

— soph (@sophiebonline) January 22, 2023

Chloe Fineman and Aubrey Plaza as M3GAN and M3GAN 2.0 on #SNL.

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) January 22, 2023

aubrey plaza snl skit about M3GAN with allison williams cameo and girls mention.

— ethan (@ethanisgroovy) January 23, 2023

The sketch concludes with Plaza’s M3GAN playing the White Lotus theme music through the nightclub’s speakers with the parting words: “Ok, you hungry sl**s!”

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