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Inclusive Peterborough is a not for profit organisation.

The donations from the courses will be used to make sure that LGBT+ individuals in Peterborough are able to access social support.  We run events throughout the month for our members.  Some of the events rely on our donations for supporting those members who are on a limited income.  The events we run are varied but some can include a cost for our members.

We also assist from time to time with one-off costs such as assisting our members to obtain documentation needed to start work or courses that promote their ability to gain their stability.

The courses we offer will raise funds that will be put put directly back into the costs of the group including supporting our members and giving our organisers the resources to do so.

Sourcing a course through Inclusive Peterborough makes good sense as it supports LGBT+ individuals in your local area.

Courses available

Course Name Course Information
LGBT+ Awareness An overview of the issues that affect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals. This course is aimed at creating an awareness of the issues affect your LGBT+ staff or clients it can raise allies within the workplace to enable a network of individuals that are educated on these issues thereby raising your profile as an Inclusive employer.

The course length can be arranged to fit your schedule, however, to fulfil the full purpose of the course we would advise 1.5 hours would be beneficial.

The course is run by two of our organiser volunteers.

Suggested donation for Inclusive Peterborough £75 for 1 session, £120 for 2 sessions on the same day or £150 for 3 sessions.

LGBT History Suitable for February this is a look through the past at the lives of those who are LGBT+ and how they were effected by the many legal and cultural changes through last 500 years. It features some LGBT+ individuals both ones you may have heard of and ones you haven’t. We mainly run this course through February as this is LGBT+ History Month. The course is interactive and features media videos and maybe little music!

The course is run by two of our organiser volunteers.

Suggested donation for Inclusive Peterborough is £75 per session.

Trans 101 The course explores the concept behind gender, explores the types of transgender including Binary and Non Binary. We go through the gender norms and explore what is classed as male or female concepts. We learn some tips on Pronouns and dispel gender stereotypes.

The course is run by two of our organiser volunteers.
The course is an hour long.

Suggested donation is £100 per session.