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Rapper, queer icon and all-round good egg Lil Nas X has suggested he’s “a little bisexual” on Twitter.

In a tweet that has amassed nearly a quarter of a million likes, the Grammy award-winner wrote “be fr would y’all be mad at me if i thought i was a little bisexual”, before following up with “that was my last time coming out the closet I promise”.

Fans have flocked to share their support for the star, with many welcoming him to the club.

“Us bisexuals will welcome you with open arms at any time,” one person wrote, while another added that they would support him “whatever sexual you are or are not”.

Some noted how important it is to see a star of his stature publicly navigating the complexities of discovering their sexuality and identity.

Others simply declared him a bisexual king

You be you, @LilNasX. I’ve identified as bisexual for 46 years, so I guess you could say I’m A LOT bisexual. I would celebrate you. Maybe I’d bake you a cake.

— Robyn Ochs (@robynochs) January 11, 2023

ppl gotta keep in ur mind ur only’s natural to keep discovering urself!!

— Jonathan (@Jcr00z) January 9, 2023


— hannah  is listening to (@ohhihannahhh) January 9, 2023

sza releases an album for the first time in 5 years and bro suddenly bi

— calli (@luvzmont) January 10, 2023

I’m so here for well established celebrities who have come out as gay navigating the fluidity of sexuality and accepting themselves publicly in real time. it can only help expand more people’s understanding of how malleable identity and experience is at different phases of life.

— elly belle (they/them) (@literElly) January 10, 2023

Lil Nas X came out as gay back in 2019, and has since become both a champion for LGBTQ+ representation – calling out the BET Awards for failing to acknowledge his queer excellence – as well as being a massive, unapologetic troll

Just a few weeks ago, he set the internet on fire by jokingly announcing that he has a son, and has previously requested that the children’s music group The Wiggles supported him on tour.

In the weeks leading up to the arrival of his debut record Montero in 2021, Lil Nas X donned a fake pregnant stomach, before quite literally giving birth to the album. The stunt, while iconic, also managed to raise £380,000 for HIV/AIDS organisations in the US.


— i am reading all that (@LilNasX) September 17, 2021

He has truly cemented himself as a music legend, an expert troll, and now, a bisexual deity. 

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