How Can I Help?

Organising an Event for Group Members could include the following steps.

  • Decide what to do 
  • Create Event on Facebook
  • Create Event on Website
  • Make a poster?
  • Speak to venues about group discounts?
  • Book venue?
  • Organise advanced payments?
  • Book Tickets?
    • Cinema/Theatre Trips
    • Pub/Games Nights
    • Coffee/Breakfast Morning
    • Meals Out
    • Clubbing Trip
    • Christmas Event
    • Sports/Keep Fit
    • Days Out (Seaside, CityTrip) 
    • Your Event Here!

Want to do something? Want some friends to join you? 

  • Suggest an event for one of the organisers to create or help you to organise.
  • OR simply put a message in the Facebook group telling people what you want to do and ask if anyone wants to join you.

Most events have a ‘Host’. A host’s duties include:-

  • Attend the Event
  • Looking out for new members and making them feel welcome.
  • Make sure payments are made.
  • Sort out any problems.
  • Help with any set-up or set-down.
  • Make sure any equipment needed is available.

If you have skills in fundraising or grant applications or just have a stash of unwanted gifts in your re-gifting drawer you want to donate to the next raffle or prize game at Embrace – Let us know!

Help us get the word out!

  • Web design or updates
  • Logo & Graphics design
  • Social Media Updates
  • Printing
  • Handing out flyers
  • Putting up posters

Come and help us at Peterborough Pride.

  • Set-up site
  • Help on a stall advertising the group
  • Help with Stewarding
  • Litter Picking
  • Make a playlist
  • Make noise on parade with a speaker / drum / whistle.
  • Sourcing equipment.
  • Set-Down site.
  • Offer specialist skill – first-aider / sound engineer / entertainment act