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Drag Race UK delivered another epic finale, crowning its first ever bearded queen, Danny Beard.

The finale featured a RuPaul megamix, a sit down with Miss Paul and Michelle Visage and the royal return of the franchise’s past winners, The Vivienne, Lawrence Chaney and Krystal Versace.

In the end, Danny Beard beat out Cheddar Gorgeous in a finale lipsync, having been selected as the top two over Black Peppa and Jonbers Blonde.

Fans have been over the moon at the Liverpudlian’s win.

Totally knocked it out of the park! Well done @thedannybeard you made your city proud xxxxx

— Dawn Lawrenson (@Millycat11) November 25, 2022

CONDRAGULATIONS @thedannybeard #DragRaceUK

— jefferson narra (@jeffersonnarra_) November 25, 2022

a show-stopping queen from beginning to end CONGRATS @thedannybeard on vour much deserved win #DragRaceUK

— shookdrag on IG (@vivalasdrag) November 24, 2022

another fabulous cast and another fabulous season congrats to @thedannybeard so deserved, and major shoutout to @CheddarGorgeous for giving her such a run for her money! again, fabulous cast all around, and another amazing season #DragRaceUK

— the matt burcham | that bitch (@themattburcham) November 25, 2022

a HUGEEEE condragulations to @thedannybeard for being our first EVER bearded queen to win #dragraceuk, extremely deserved!!!

— ray (@mascarayde) November 24, 2022

Congratulations @thedannybeard

— ELLA VADAY (@EllaVaday) November 24, 2022

As soon as @thedannybeard walked into the werk room I new it was going to be her. We hadn’t seen another person walk through the door yet but her infectious personality made me fall in love at first sight. Congratulations #TeamDanny #DragRaceUK

— Ashlee Louise (@AshleeLouise18) November 25, 2022

Good morning to our winner @thedannybeard I’m so proud of this bitch!!!! Danny has been so supportive of myself and my husband the minute we stepped foot in Manchester and from the bottom of my heart I’m so damn happy for them! Go and show the world what you’re made of

— Aamir (@toykenxo) November 25, 2022

Danny Beard becomes the first bearded queen in herstory to win drag race, THATS SO ICONIC !!!! #DragRaceUK

— its edu (@povdemie) November 24, 2022

The competition was tight right until the end, and some viewers were convinced Drag Race UK would pull an All Stars 4, and crown both Cheddar Gorgeous and Danny Beard.

Fans have also been showing their love for the other three finalists.

Cheddar proved their legendary status, winning the same number of badges as Danny Beard, and Black Peppa became arguably the finest lip-syncer ever to grace the Drag Race UK stage.

Fans have particularly praised just how iconic it was of Jonbers Blonde to have made it to the final four, having not won a badge but going through the glow-up of the season.

Tonights #DragRaceUK finale is gonna result in a double crowning! mark my words!!

— Seddera Side (@sedderaside) November 24, 2022

idk rpdr uk finale should’ve been a double crowning

— drew wed spoilers (@M3THYD) November 25, 2022

The Drag Race UK S4 winner being SO correct! Honestly, I could have seen a double win here because the top two were so neck and neck, down to that final lip sync. Aw yay!

— Wilfredo Flores, PhD (@willflowers) November 25, 2022


— Mecca | Team Danny (@MeccaMoo96) November 24, 2022

I NEED a double crowning of Danny Beard & Cheddar Gorgeous. Both drag legends who have been well known for years without drag race, both have 4 wins and deserve the crown. I can’t pick between them! #DragRaceUK #TeamDanny #TeamCheddar

— 𝕻𝖍𝖎𝖑’𝖘 𝕽𝖊𝖕𝖚𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 (@Philipbrian_) November 17, 2022

#DRUK #DragRaceUK loved how Jonbers Blonde was just living her best life the entire episode, she was a joy to watch

— (@franktwigs) November 25, 2022

Jonbers Blonde love of my life

— Seddera Side (@sedderaside) November 24, 2022

The best #DragRaceUK finale performance yet omg everyone slayed the game

— Zara Albro (@ZaraAlbro) November 25, 2022

I am jonbers blonde’s number 1 stan. @jonbers you will always be famous. fire up the tattoo gun i’m getting her name on my forehead. luv you jonbers so much xoxo

— J SHIELDS (@jshieldsxoxo) November 25, 2022

During each queen’s sit down with Ru and Michelle, they spoke about their experiences on the show and how they got to where they are.

Black Peppa discussed her strict upbringing in the Carribbean, Jonbers Blonde explained the love she has for her family and growth over the competition, Cheddar Gorgeous unpacked how being on the show has taught her how to reconnect with her own identity and Danny Beard talked about how bullying bought her to live as her authentic self.

The queens were challenged to perform a megamix of some of Ru’s greatest hits, complete with the ru-turn (sorry) of the cast of season 4.

In the rehearsal, Peppa smashed the choreo, though Danny struggled to pick it up, saying: “Just give me a moment and let me process this. And I’ll come back with a product”.

The actual performance, though, went off without a hitch, and fans were gagged at the megamix.

Waittt, the top four of #DragRaceUK ate that finale performance up! Not a single bad performance from anyone!

— Beyoncé’s Wind Machine (@MikeyTBH) November 25, 2022

#DragRaceUK S4 was such a fantastic cast omg
The finale performance was AWESOME I loved it all the queens did so well
Congrats to @thedannybeard yay!!

— Fluffiest of sheep (@fluffysheep23) November 25, 2022


— Ina Saboteur (@SleeplssEremite) November 25, 2022

the eliminated girls serving madame toussaud in this performance #dragraceuk

— Capitu Von Trash (@CapituVonTrash) November 24, 2022

After the final runway (and some incredibly emotional messages to their younger selves), the queens entered their final untucked of the season to find Drag Race UK crowned queens, The Vivienne, Lawrence Chaney and Krystal Versace.

The previous winners of the franchise give their advice to the girls, with Viv saying: “The hard work starts the minute you leave Drag Race“.

UK Legends. Queens. Icons. #DragRaceUK @THEVIVIENNEUK @ShadyLawrence @krystal_versace

— RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (@dragraceukbbc) November 24, 2022

So iconic to have The Vivienne, Lawrence Chaney and Krystal Versace on the #DragRaceUK grand finale, and they all look stunning#DragRace #TeamCheddar #TeamDanny

— Team Ra’Jah O’Hara (@aqueernextdoor) November 25, 2022

RuPaul finding out she was gonna get to say LAAAWRENCE CHANEYYY one more time:#dragraceuk

— Seddera Side (@sedderaside) November 24, 2022

Fancy another one?!?

— Lawrence Chaney (@ShadyLawrence) November 25, 2022

I need Krystal Versace injected directly into my bloodstream, I’m not kidding

— A-A-RON MayArmy Rep. (@aaron_STCx) November 25, 2022

The final lipsync of the season between Danny Beard and Cheddar Gorgeous, has been lauded as similarly iconic.

One fan wrote: “This lip sync was properly the best finale lipsync we have in the UK series. Breathtaking”

what’s more culturally significant?
the renaissance or this lipsync?#dragraceuk

— Seddera Side (@sedderaside) November 24, 2022

The Drag Race UK S4 winner being SO correct! Honestly, I could have seen a double win here because the top two were so neck and neck, down to that final lip sync. Aw yay!

— Wilfredo Flores, PhD (@willflowers) November 25, 2022

I managed to avoid getting spoiled on the finale of #dragraceuk all day. That lipsync was immaculate!

— Taylor (@AzurillStreep) November 25, 2022

That was hands down THE best finale lipsync we’ve ever seen on the show!!! Just incredible!! #DragRaceUK

— Seddera Side (@sedderaside) November 24, 2022

After the lip-sync, Danny Beard was of course crowned as the newest inductee into the Drag Race UK hall of fame.

Drag Race UK has already closed its casting for its fifth season, so the search for Danny Beard’s predecessor is already underway – until then though, put that razor down, because it’s Beard season.

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