Pride Pit Stop Shop 2018

During Peterborough’s first Pride week in 2018, Inclusive Peterborough was given the Vivacity shop in Queensgate.
We set up the Pride Pit Stop Shop with information, freebies, education, resources and all manner of goodies.

A sales table of Pride related merchandise.

A Faith and Diversity Wall Display

An LGBTQIA+ History display wall


A Vocabulary/Etiquette Wall – What does it mean/Why pronouns matter etc


A Why We Need a Pride / Bullying display wall.

A load of resources, freebies and Rainbow Drops to give away-

A TV and Laptop running mini video clips continuously i.e. Metal’s Does Peterborough need a pride clip/ I’m the scary transgender person the media warned you about clip.

Hourly Talks/Workshops on various topics e.g
Asexual Awareness
Privilege for sale workshop
Living Books – Talk to a Gay Man
GenderBread Man
How to do Drag Make-Up

Is Peterborough Homophobic?

After finding out Peterborough had one of the highest rates of online homophobia in England artist in residence Scottee gathered the local community to ask if their city was homophobic – this is what happened…

On the 24th June 2017 a dinner debate was held at the arts organisation Metal in Peterborough.  Check out the Scottee’s report of the event by clicking on the picture below – there is also a video starring a few cameo appearances from Inclusive Peterborough and the Aces, Aros and Enbies of Peterborough!

One thing that impressed me at the event was when one of the AAE group started to cry while calling out some of the queer-phobia.  Immediately they were surrounded by members of Inclusive Peterborough and Aces, Aros and Enbies.  A startling display of Unity and Support.
As Steve of AAE says ‘It was upsetting when people cried, including one of my own group’s members, but it really brought home the humanity of all this, we’re all real people with real feelings and real needs, and we all NEED this community there to support us, champion us, protect us, help us. ‘